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The Company

The LTC - Lufttechnik Crimmitschau GmbH is a medium sized company of the machine construction and plant construction.

The LTC manufactures filter systems and air conditioning plants for industrial and public buildings. Furthermore LTC manufactures vessels, tanks, special apparatus for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry and for the related areas of the food and feed industry.

Qualifications and Certificates

The LTC - Lufttechnik Crimmitschau GmbH owns the following qualifications

  • HP0 - Certificate acc. to AD2000
  • Certified Company acc. to DIN EN 13445
  • Certified Company acc. to §19 I WHG
  • Certified Welding Company acc. to DIN EN ISO 3834-2
  • Manufacturer's qualification to the welding of steel constructions acc. DIN EN 1090-1 EXC2
  • Manufacturer's qualification to the welding of aluminum constructions acc. DIN EN 1090-2 EXC2


Vessels, tanks, silos, apparatuses and components for air conditioning plants can be manufactured in the following parametres:

  • Diameter
  • Length
  • Weight
up to 3.500 mm
up to 12.000 mm
up to 10.000 kg

All products can be produced in carbon, heat-resisting, wear-resistant, alloyed and high alloy steel, nickel alloy, titanium alloy or aluminium.

The manufacture is divided in a stainless steel and a carbon steel part.


  • Equipment for the plate and profile treatment
    • sheet metal bender
    • bending-machines
    • flanging machines
  • Sandblast cabin for stainless and carbon steel
  • Painting cabin
  • CAD-controlled plasma arc cutting machine (2 m x 4 m)
  • CAD-controlled laser cutting machine (2 m x 4 m)
  • GTAW / GMAW / SMAW welding machines
  • Plasma welding machine for Carbon steel / Stainless steel / Aluminum
  • portal cranes up to 10 tons

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